About Us

Amped Boardsports is a family owned business that has been serving the public since 2001. We love to Kiteboard, SUP and Surf. We are passionate about helping our customers whether just getting started or helping those looking for better gear to go further in their sport. Life is short so have fun and get in shape while doing it. Call us today at 858-245-3178 so you can start having fun now.


Inflatables, Foils, Trainers,… land ,snow, water, surf, freeride, wake, big air, race. Whatever your style we can get you the gear you need to make it happen.

Twin Tips, Surfboards, Skim, Wake, Foilboards, Landboards, skateboards

Sizes 1.3m, 1.8m, 2m, 3m…..all 2 line foil kites, usually any bigger we recommend 4 or 5 line kites

Waist, seat, shorts, mens, womans.  We always have a nice selection of harnesses, so come on in and see what fits.

Adj. and non adjustable footstraps, hooks, race straps, surface mounts for srtaps or hooks

Impact and flotation vests

Variety of bar and line set ups, handle pass leashes, short leashes.

Different line lengths, extensions, pigtails, leashes


Surf style,  All Around,  Race, Touring, Inflatable, Foil

Carbon 1 piece, Adjustable,  surf, all around, race touring, 2 and 3 piece for travel

FCS, Futures, LB fins, Tri sets, Quad Sets,

Most sizes and lengths, big wave,  coiled, racing, ankle and calf

Different textures and colors and lengths

We have eyeware for the water, land, and snow.

Watershirts, rash guards, waterhats


Performance shapes,  fun shapes, soft boards, hybrids, longboards

FCS, Future, LB, performance, fish, race tris, quads

Most lengths, comp, big wave, longboard, Sup

Variety of daybags for shortboard thru longboard

Amphibian, carver, MountainBoard sport

Variety of eyeware for the water as well as some excellent polarized brands for everywhere else

A variety of traction applications, tail pads, grip strips, monster spray traction, clear traction. etc.

Quick fix repair